The history of the MORGENTAL brand starts in the first half of the XX century. According to my grandmother, my great-grandfather, Morgenthal Antal, was a professional tailor and created men's outer clothes during the Austro-Hungarian period. The great-grandfather was the member of the manufacturers society and had his own brand tag or label with MORGENTHAL sign, which he sewed on his products.

MORGENTAL is our last name, which is a very picturesque German word for "morning valley".
Years passed, the enterprise was forgotten, suspended and even lost... Now I want to revive it in my work, building it on my family’s history, the traditions and culture of the land where I was born.
For me personally, continuation of my great-grandfather’s work is a matter of honor, as it is a continuation of my family’s traditions.


Honor your roots, love your own heritage, develop authentic, preserve the sacred, share the stories and create your own ones! This is the only way to become worth of something and to leave a mark for our descendants ...
This is my creative experiment, philosophy of life and outlook on the mundane things that surround us in our everyday lives.
This is the harmony of textures and proportions, the balance between laconic forms in space, the simplicity of natural textures combinations and the ease of visual perception, the rejection of everything unnecessary for the sake of purity inside and out.


This is the harmony of man and space.
This is the place and way of self-expression.
This is a philosophy of thought and style.
These are Items that bear history.
These are our main working principles of what has been and will be created by the MORGENTAL brand team for you.


Since my childhood I’ve dreamed and have been strongly convinced that I would become a designer. Since that time, almost 30 years ago, little Katrusia have dreamed of creating clothes, as her great-grandfather, or shoes, as her grandfather. The destiny brought me to interior design objects a bit later. I vividly remember the album, in which I drew sketches of clothing and footwear, and my grandfather would put his professional approval signatures on my naive childhood designs. And I would run happily around the house and tell everyone that my designs would launch in mass production. It was the greatest happiness for the whole family, the child was glad and my grandfather was incredibly happy that someone will take over the business.


I even remember how he took me to the shoe factory where he worked several times. At that time, it was the biggest event that could happen in my life. And I, with eyes open wide, watched how shoes were created at the factory. There were so many of them that it was even hard to count them... Of course, the years passed, the girl grew up, but she haven’t stopped dreaming. I told everyone that I would become a designer! And everyone around me strongly believed in it, never doubting, even for a moment, my childish belief.


For 5 years I have studied at the art school, then for 4 years at the Art College named after A.Erdeli at the Department of Painting, then for 4 more years in the Transcarpathian Art Institution (now the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts) at the Department of Interior Design. And only then I decided to continue the family tradition.
I never became a clothes or shoes designer, but I’ve developed a passion for object design. And my special love of fabrics and fashion transformed into a design of fabric textures. That's why it is one of the special features of our collections, as I design all the fabrics on my own, draw all ideas by hand, then edit them in the programs, and then print everything on the fabrics and sew the finished products. Who knows, maybe I'll get to the clothes sometime ...?


The work on interior textiles has become the perfect middle ground between fashion design and interior design, a kind of "golden middle" between my childhood dreams and what I create today.


I am one of those people who dream big and dream a lot ... They sometimes dream childishly, but they often dream very globally, about something very important, about the big and the complex! I sincerely believe that by overcoming personal barriers, everyone can reach their dreams and piece together a very important puzzle, without which there will be no harmony in the world. The personal mission of everyone should be to find harmony in themselves, in their needs, in their work ... And treat everything around them with such a feeling.


I dream that the world will be better... That people will be a little kinder, smile more often, tell the truth and be honest, first of all, with themselves... I dream that everyone’s dreams and children's wishes will come true, because these are the anchors that take us back in time, without borders and fears, in the world of pure thoughts and dreams that must come true!
You will always find more truth in the eyes and words of the children than anywhere else, so it is important not to lose it. Therefore, we also create decor for children, because it is fun to embody someone's childhood dreams, and often our own ones.

Love and listen to your inner child, cherish love for your work, continue your family traditions and just be good people of your native land.

ABOUT DDW18, ART and exhibitions

The participation in the DUTCH DESIGN WEEK 18 was a great step for me personally and for the team of close people, who helped me with the realization of all my ambitious and creative ideas. This means that we've reached the international level. I have dreamed about this for a long time, and this is a very significant step in my personal professional activity, as a designer and especially as a founder of the brand.
The only way is forward! Next year there’ll be another Design capital!



Each MORGENTAL collection was created personally by me. I love those cool moments when the idea is born, sleepless nights lost on research, the first prototypes, photographing, quality testing... It takes a lot of time to launch an object or series, but it is an extraordinary and very valuable period for me. I often live with these objects at home, they surround me every day. And, by testing each item personally, I improve everything if necessary, then do it all over again and only then everything is launched on more massive scale.That is why each series, each object pass all those sacred moments of creation and transformation, the cold-blooded stages of cutting off all the unnecessary and long quest for the most successful realizations that often last for several years. All this is done in order to reach the desired result. But sometimes something new is created absolutely spontaneously and in a matter of hours... Every item in the collection has its own personal and unique history... I"ll explain about all of them gradually. Just click on ech slide of collections for further information.


At first it was a dream... Then a little store appeared in the old city center... And there was a lot of good things in that store. It was called BE CREATIVE, and all the goods, which the store contained - BeCreativeDecor. Every year more and more of the new residents appeared on the shelves of a little shop and in one wonderful moment a small business became big, and from now on - a separate line, MORGENTAL KIDS collection, has appeared!
We create collections of interior decor for the whole family, for young children and for those who are always young in their hearts.




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